About Us

Sylvania Schréder is synonymous with quality lighting. With a solid foundation of 50+ years in the Australian market and a global heritage stretching back over a century, we understand the science of lighting and how to provide our clients with the best innovative and functional lighting solutions. Sylvania Schréder lighting products adhere to the highest production standards, setting the benchmark for road, infrastructure and sport lighting in Australia. What this means is a better, safer & brighter world. Every day

Sylvania Schréder is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that can achieve and exceed our customers’ outcomes. LGAs, energy authorities and major infrastructure firms are amongst the many who consult with Sylvania-Schréder. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver complete, tailored solutions for our customers.

As technology and the Internet of Things advances, Sylvania-Schréder continues to create leading-edge products which support the integration of smart technologies into public lighting infrastructure.

Our focus remains on maintaining high product quality that is designed specifically for customers’ needs, and ensuring what we deliver promotes energy savings, sustainability and reductions in operating costs.

In April 2020, Schréder Group acquired Sylvania, allowing us to leverage Schréder’s global experience and technology, as well as Sylvania’s local know how and market leadership. This strengthens our product portfolio and helps us to deliver even better solutions, to our valued customers.

About Schréder Group

Schréder is a worldwide leader in intelligent outdoor lighting solutions. The company, founded in 1907, is present in over 35 countries (ensuring a local presence in over 70 countries) spanning 5 continents.

Our tradition of engineering means we have been at the forefront of innovation throughout our history. The latest wave of urbanism means city centres are becoming more vital than ever: connectivity is crucial. Experts in lightabilityTM, we propose lighting infrastructure that will play a pivotal role in building Smart Cities and future communication networks.

For more information, visit www.schreder.com