RoadLED Midi

The RoadLED Midi is a state-of-the art road lighting luminaire that has been specifically designed in Australia for Australian/New Zealand major road lighting applications. The luminaire has been specifically engineered to comply with Australian Standards (Category V) allowing it to replace traditional high wattage HID luminaires that are used to illuminate major vehicular roads throughout ANZ.
  • High performance Roadway luminaire

  • Optimised to provide maximum spacings for compliance with AS1158-1.1 Category V

  • IP66 ingress protection (optical chamber)

  • Surge protection device (SPD) standard

  • One for one replacement for traditional HID source luminaires (depending on wattage)

  • Smart City ready with NEMA 7 base

  • System watts: 60W-150W

  • CCT: Available in 4000K with CRI > 70

Product Specifications




Ingress Protection Rating


Impact Rating


Dimming Technology

Type 2/3M

Beam Distribution




Surge Protection

Class I

Electrical Rating


Driver Location

Grey (Light)

Luminaire Colour

Item Code Description System Power CCT Inrush Current Weight Finish Installation Type
PM99Z115L60 RL MIDI 60W4K 1N1B PES7 CO 9006 60W 4000K 50.5A 7.9kg Powdercoated Side Entry
PM99Z115L80 RL MIDI 80W4K 1N1B PES7 CO 9006 80W 4000K 57A 7.9kg Powdercoated Side Entry
PM99Z15L100 RL MIDI 100W4K 2N1B PES7 CO 9006 100W 4000K 50.5A 8.4kg Powdercoated Side Entry
PM99Z15L120 RL MIDI 120W4K 2N1B PES7 CO 9006 120W 4000K 65A 8.4kg Powdercoated Side Entry
PM99Z15L120 RL MIDI 150W4K 2N1B PES7 CO 9006 154W 4000K 43.2A 8.4kg Powdercoated Side Entry