Roadway Lighting

Sylvania-Schréder is Australia’s leading supplier of lighting for roadway and infrastructure applications. We are proud to have a positive impact on road safety, crime reduction and environmental responsibilities.

Sylvania-Schréder is dedicated to ensuring roadways, major infrastructure projects, industrial complexes and sporting facilities are delivered the right lighting solution for the desired outcome. Government councils, energy authorities and infrastructure firms are among the many who consult with Sylvania-Schréder to deliver the right lighting solution for their application. As such, we pride ourselves in offering complete, customised solutions for our customers.

With over 500,000 LED LUMINAIRES installed in Australia. We’re proud to illuminate your world.

A Leader In Roadway Lighting

Our comprehensive range of product range and expertise give us an unparalleled opportunity to supply all of a customer’s lighting needs: internal, external, across any application.

Our mission is to service the needs of Local Government Areas (LGA) and Energy Authorities across Australia in bringing to them value added services, great products and an unbeatable service ethic.


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