Tunnel Lighting

Sylvania-Schréder is well equipped to respond to the complexities of tunnel lighting design with its onsite development laboratory and Light Engineering Design team; enabling interaction between the luminaire design and application design ensures a high quality energy efficient lighting system is provided for every installation.

Sylvania-Schréder is dedicated to ensuring tunnels, major infrastructure projects, roadways, industrial complexes and sporting facilities are delivered the right lighting solution for the desired outcome. As such, we pride ourselves in offering complete, customised solutions for our customers.

We’re constantly innovating to develop products that exceed the Australian standards for lighting. Incorporating LED technology and the world’s best lighting controls, we safely guide your path home every night.

When having the right tools can light up your world.

Illuminating tunnels

As Australia’s population increases and governments endeavour to limit urban sprawl via consolidation of our cities and suburbs, congestion on our road networks is building. In turn, reliance on tunnels and underpasses to improve traffic flow is set to continue. Tunnels are also being used increasingly in rural areas to replace ‘goat track’ roads that wind over mountains. This increasing demand also sees the evolution of an Australian Standard for tunnels and underpass lighting. The new standard is part of the AS1158 Series, Lighting for roads and public spaces Part 5: Tunnels and Underpasses.